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Visit our "previous alerts" to view an example of some public alerts we put out weeks in advance of major trend changes that have occurred in the last few years.  These past alerts will give you a feel for what is possible in market timing, and what this service can do for you.   contact us

You may also view the "market alert newsletter" that was published April 30th, 2011.  This warned readers of a major change in trend that would immediately send the grains much lower.

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May 20, 2014          ".........The double top of $15.20 on April 17 and 29 are likely a very important turn.  That price is the exact midpoint of the all time high of $17.95 made in September 2012 and the lowest point since which was $12.43 on August 7, 2013..........  There is a very good possibility that July beans will have a severe downtrend starting any day........... At some point very soon I expect it to turn lower for good."
From the January 30th low to the April 29 top is 89 days.  This is an important cycle that measures 90 degrees of the earth or one complete season.
 $15.21 ---------->      -->
April 17​ and 29

<---- Jan. 30th
July 2014 Soybeans Daily
The summer of 2014 will long be remembered for the terrible crash in soybeans. On May 22, 2014 nearby beans made high at $15.36.  Just over 4 months later, prices had collapsed to almost $9.00.  This washout was hard on many participants, but it need not be the case.  Our newsletter service warned our readers of this very scenario.  Below is a reproduction of our soybean comments that was sent to our readers during this important time period. 
Comments and charts from the May 20, 2014 issue of our newsletter
Keep in mind that the top was made just 2 days after this issue was printed.  This is the type of information our service publishes to set us apart from other advisory newsletters.
June 20, 2014      Several weeks ago we warned that Nearby soybeans were likely to fall out of the $15.36-$14.40 trading range and that it would happen the week of June 12th.  So far, beans are behaving according to plan.  It is our belief that a MAJOR top has been made.  Beans will likely fall for months now.  However, that does not mean they will be lower every day.  That means we are now attempting to identify the smaller reactions inside this large downtrend.  This is much more difficult to do.  With that being said, there were a few cycles this week that could very well cause a bounce.  IF this happens I would not look for a bounce any higher than half way back up to the May 22 top.  Remember, the recent high is very likely a MAJOR top.  This means that rallies will be limited and usually followed by severe down drafts.
 $15.21 ---------->
April 17​ and 29

     ---->   May 22
June 12
July 2014 Soybeans Daily

Below are the Soybean comments we made on June 20, 2014 in their entirety
May 22,  2014 top
Current chart  (as of November 3, 2014)
As you can see in this chart, soybeans have experienced an enormous collapse just as we warned.  This evidence illustrates why we believe the information presented in our newsletters is so valuable. Our opinion of a MAJOR top was given as the top was being made. Other services need weeks and months to confirm a major turn.
   end of June
Weekly Soybeans
October 1, 2014
​$9.04                 ------->

​Our work with cycles told us to be ready for a MAJOR bull move in the grains starting in May and June of 2017.  To that end, we distributed a flyer warning people of the advance that was to begin in a matter of weeks.  You can see a copy of that flyer here ------>