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August 2017 Soybeans Daily

If you read closely you will see that I did miss the low by about 40 cents.  However, if the market does in fact advance $5.00 or more as I have been predicting, then this 40 cents can not be considered significant.  Almost no one was talking about the coming huge move in the grains during May when I released this flyer.
In may 2017 I spent several weeks traveling Southeast Nebraska delivering the flyer below.   I wanted to put this in the hands of as many farmers and elevators as possible.  I wanted to illustrate my confidence in cycles.  Knowledge of these cycles told me to expect a MAJOR move in the grains starting in May and June of 2017.  Now that the BIG BULL is underway, I want to be on record stating that it is just beginning.  The grain markets will be sharply higher for many months...... get used to it.  If you received one of these flyers, hopefully you took advantage of the alert and prepared for a big move UP.

2017 Flyer announcing MAJOR Bull in Soybeans


Commodities have periods where prices rise or fall regardless of the fundamental news of the day. When these cycles come around, prices will move. I have studied grain market cycles full time for over 20 years. These cycles have come and gone throughout history and there is a big one starting to unfold at the present time in April 2017. Soybeans are going to experience a dramatic increase in prices from the present levels. This means the very recent lows of April 11, 2017 will not be broken. We are just starting this big move, and it will take many months to reach the top.

This prediction is bold, since price is still within 40 cents of the low made just 24 days ago on April 11, 2017. As of the date of this printing (May 3, 2017) there is no evidence that a large move is underway. But all of that will soon change. Cycles tell me we are not going any lower, and what’s more, a very large move is coming. Other market analysts are not even ready to conclude that we have bottomed, much less declare a large move is going to take place. What gives me the confidence to predict this? The answer is simply…….. Cycles. The grain markets have always had big moves, both up and down. With the risks involved in farming, it becomes quite important to take advantage of these moves since they don’t come every year. Our service prepares you for what is coming next in the market like no other.


In May and June of 2014 when Nearby Soybeans were at $15.36 we warned everyone that prices would not go any higher and in fact would collapse. That information turned out to be extremely valuable. Just 132 days later prices had fallen all the way to $9.04, a drop of over $6.00 a bushel. My website documents the information that was sent to our subscribers in advance, warning of that collapse. You can see it at grainmarkettiming.com


Tell everyone you know. I want to be on record so please take one of these home. There is only one way to prove yourself in the business of forecasting market behavior and that is with a demonstration like our prediction of the 2014 collapse. This flyer is another demonstration. As the following months unfold, please keep this notification in mind. I know of no other way to earn your trust.

It is no small feat to predict the behavior of the grain markets. The perception of the fundamental news changes every day, and this has created a general skepticism about market forecasting. However, the cycles have proven reliable over many many decades. I have great confidence in this forecast…… enough to put my name on it…… just like in 2014.

I am 43 years old. I live with my wife Jennifer, and our 7 children in Hebron, Nebraska. I am not a broker. I produce a newsletter that gives my opinion on the direction of the grain markets. It is called Grain Market Timing.

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