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Grain Market Timing
Since 1996, Jon Brueggemann has been studying the grain markets from a unique perspective.  Unsatisfied with the widely accepted explanations of market behavior, Jon began the study of recurring cycles in the grain markets.  It was at this time, he read material written by Brad Cowan of San Diego, California.  This material convinced him there was more behind the behavior of the markets than what is commonly believed by the public.  

The relationship of Time and Price is greatly misunderstood.  As Cowan states, "time and price are intimately connected."  In 1999, Jon discovered that time is a measurement much more involved than a clock that hangs on the wall.  Time is a motion, and a recurring one at that.  Just as we experience the repeating day every 24 hours, the week every 7 days, and the year every 365 days, the markets repeat their behavior.  

The markets are not a swirling ocean of chance that many believe them to be.  The markets rise and fall with the same regularity that has defined their activity for many, many, decades.  In the same way the returning of the earth in its orbit brings the flowers of spring, the markets relive the same boom and busts that generations past have experienced.  

Jon is animated by the "how" and "why" of market
behavior.  It is his passion to understand the 
mathematics that define the movements behind the 
grain markets.

Jon and his wife with their 7 children.
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