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Grain Market Timing
At the end of June 2009, I posted on an internet forum (TFC.charts) stating that soybeans would be trending lower.   ".....soybeans will trend lower into September 11th thru 25th.... I follow nothing but time cycles relating to price. Reason for posting this? I simply want to be be on record."

At that time, soybeans were trading a little over $12, and the high had been made just 2 weeks earlier at $12.91. People were still calling for much higher prices.  I further stated that the $12.91 price would not be broken until the decline was over in September.  The message also included a date where the decline would end:  September 11th thru the 25th of 2009.  Nearby soybeans dipped lower into October 5th, 2009, but nearly all soybean contracts currently on the board, made their ultimate low in the time frame given of September 11-25th, 2009. 

In early August 2009, Corn was in the midst of a vicious decline.   I posted that Corn would not bottom until the 4 day window of September 8th thru the 11th of 2009.  
On August 31st, this also was posted:
"I still think September 8-11th will be the time to wait to finally go long.  Again this is not a low to just expect a 2 week reaction up, but a low that will send the trend higher for months and months."

The low turned out to be August 8th.
The following is a message posted as the market was bottoming in the predicted time window of 4 days.

cycles are workingPosted By:  <jonbrueg@yahoo.com> Date: Thursday, 10 September 2009, at 1:23 p.m. We are now in the time frame first mentioned well over 2 months ago...the grains have trended lower into this date as was suggested. A major low is unfolding, the lows in corn a few days ago will probably not be broken, if they are it will be the last 3 days of next week. This cycle will not turn the market simply for a few days or weeks, but for months. This a longer term cycle.

The most daring part of those messages stated that this low was MAJOR, and would not be broken for "months and months".  We are now over a year and a half from September 2009, and those lows in the grains have NOT been broken!  It was from this low that the grains experienced their remarkable run into the current highs of April 2011.  Prices have more than doubled in corn and wheat, with soybeans advancing almost $6.00 off those lows!  

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