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Grain Market Timing
Dear  Producer, 

The grain markets have experienced an amazing run for almost a full year.  Corn and wheat have more than doubled since June 2010, with soybeans reaching the mid $14 range!  However, this is about to change dramatically.  Market cycles have turned lower,  and very soon the grains will be MUCH LOWER.  Although it is possible that prices will  remain at these levels for a few more weeks, that is the best these markets will be able to  muster.  The highs are in.   There will be no new highs on the nearby charts.

The Grains are explosive markets.  However, their nature is to be just as violent when they turn lower, once the rally is over.  In June 2008 corn topped at $7.65.  By December of the same year, prices had collapsed all the way back to $2.90!  The drop in Wheat was even more dramatic.  In the same year of 2008, Wheat fell from $13.34 to $4.55!  In other words,  prices dropped to less than a THIRD of what they were trading at just months earlier.  It is human nature to become complacent, but in the markets, this can be deadly. The need to capitalize on these tremendous opportunities has never been greater.  In these challenging  times, one good decision in the markets can radically alter one's life.  Timing has never been more important in marketing and trading.  

It is my intent that over the coming weeks and months, the value of this alert will be demonstrated, as grain prices turn lower for quite some time on the nearby charts.  In the future, if you find this information valuable, please see our website, www.grainmarkettiming.com.  You will have the opportunity to receive timely notices, similar to this, where you will be alerted to the coming changes in the market trends. 

Prices will soon be turning lower   

This letter is designed to alert you to the impending drop in price of corn and soybeans. The tops are in. This corn chart will look dramatically different in the coming months. Study of the cycles in the grain markets is my only focus; it is all I do. This service will help you be prepared to take advantage of what is coming next in the market.
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